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I primarily use 2 different thread options.

Ritza Tiger thread is considered the superior thread among leatherworkers for its durability and strength. It is 100% polyester and lightly waxed making it UV resistant and dependable. The thread will lie flat against the leather.

Vinymo MBT is a unique, bonded polyester thread. It's twisty and it stays that way because the strands are tightly wound and internally bonded. I hand wax this thread prior to stitching.

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Crafting items that inspire

If you want to modify anything from our store beyond the standard options (ie, add lining, pockets,  exotic/specialty leather), or have a vision for something not listed, please submit the form below. We would love to help you craft any item.
See the FAQs page for more details on the process.

Thanks for submitting!

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